Friday, March 7, 2014

Movie Collector Pro 9.2 Build 2

Movie Collector Pro 9.2 Build 2 | 35MB
Language: Russian , English, German, Polish and other

A small program to collect all fans downloaded movies and TV series - cataloger Movie Collector Pro. You can easily make not only a top favorite films or music shows, but also organize all your movies with personal notes .

Happens all very easy. You create a new database , enter information about their films , or look for it in a huge online database Movie Collector Connect and other resources (IMDb, Amazon ...), choose the appropriate one found and saved. Then , you can make additional notes and load all the necessary information about the film , from the actors and a summary of the plot and ending list ?????-???????/?????????/???????? etc. Naturally , these fields can be filled in on their own, and not just draw from third party sources .

The same with the TV shows . You can easily wield with mnogosezonnikami , distributing them on the disk . In order not to get lost in the twists and turns of a show, you are given the opportunity to download all the Old on the series , however, the English language - all the same work of third-party resources, or add your own. With ruskoyazychnyh source movie information ( IMDB ,, trailer ... ) program , alas, is not friendly .

After that, you can only fill in the fields like " Displayed - yes / no" and " My Rating " . Of course, if your drive is unable to find the program (say, at your disposal is licensed Russian edition - with Russian dubbing , another selection of bonuses , etc.) , you absolutely can safely edit any information downloaded from the Internet .

Additional features will monitor the condition of the collection ( this is especially important for these DVD- collectors ) - noted the film as " expected" ( ie the one in which the collection yet, but would love to have) , or " in the box " ( the movies that you gave at the time of friends, family , etc.) , to assess the condition of the physical storage media, etc.

Key features of the program:
? Find information about the movie ( actors, director , cover, trailer , etc.) in the Internet Movie Database and other online databases.
? Search and sort by any criteria
? Generation of HTML catalog
? High speed
? High quality results
? Pleasant and easy to use interface
Main features:
Adding movies to the database
? Cataloging DVD / Blu-Ray- ROM drive for the title
? Cataloging DVD / Blu-Ray- ROM drive at the bar code
? Cataloging of video files automatically by scanning hard drives and other storage
? Batch Create ( using a search query )
? Automatic data acquisition for movies and TV series from online database
? Automated covers and IMDb- references for actors and directors
? To automatically receive links to the trailers (YouTube) that can be viewed directly in the main window
? Find additional covers and posters online, using Google search
? Full support for Unicode

View your movie collection :
? In the form of covers / in a list / special 3D- mode - Cover Flow
? Grouping movies into folders
? Manage your collection and a list of ' expected '
? Statistics: bar charts and pie charts
? Search the database using custom filters
? Settings Movie Collector:
- Templates and styles for Descriptions
- The main window
- Configurable fonts and sizes
- Choose Columns list
- Sorting / ordering of the list of films

Managing and editing database
? Editing records about movies
? Edit multiple movies in one go
? Management of rental
? Avtokapitalizatsiya and automatic sorting of items
? Manage lists substitution
? Set the default field
? Appointment of field names / define custom fields

Export, and share the list of films :
? Free cloud service CLZ Cloud
? Export data to CLZ Movies mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android
? Placement of your database on the Internet with your account CLZ Cloud
? View and play your movies in Windows Media Center ( or using third-party players)
? Custom printing lists
? Export to HTML- pages
? Export to CSV, XML
? Network support

Changes in version 9.2 Build 2 :
· Add Movies Automatically
· Search button is now located right next to the Title and Barcode boxes.
· All templates: YouTube trailers are now embedded using HTML5 iframe instead of Flash, which makes the videos start faster and solves many Flash-related problems.
· Tweaked all out-of-the-box default settings (only relevant for fresh installs)
· "Floating point division by zero" could occur when interacting with the Details Panel, like scrolling, starting a trailer, opening an image, playing a movie file, etc ... For some users, these floating point errors even occurred on startup (the problem was / is caused by a bug in IE, but we've been able to work around it now)
· Various problems related to CLZ Cloud syncing.

The procedure for treatment :
1. Install the program does not run ( uncheck 'Launch Movie Collector' before you click 'Finish').
2 . Run patch crack RussianLng_mvclub.exe, which also treats the program as greed.

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